It felt like flying
Sports anime with a dash of SNK & DMMD
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Free!: name meanings
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two people on tumblr in the same room: go look at this thing i just reblogged
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[ Dive to the future!] 

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It takes years to find yourself. Same goes for happiness, and you end up finding yourself almost 22 years old and the happiest you’ve ever been. The computer might be broken and you might have been too busy to realize you’ve barely eaten anything but a few fries and a piece of a pretzel some friends offered you. (What’s wrong with a late dinner? A lot, says the health major) But you have met wonderful people and have finished those tough assignments so you can work on something that makes you happy. Or is that just me spouting nonsense again?

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Wanted to try some dramatic lighting with a bit from day 15

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Shut up.

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*wears an oversized leather jacket and messy hair* *leans up against some walls*

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haru color swapped w/ rin for free69min 

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episode 12

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I’ve had to change my cosplay plans AGAIN 

And well, being my first time cosplaying and going to a con, I sort of expected this. 

I don’t think many if anyone cares but I’ll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta Friday and Saturday. I’ll be Marco on Saturday (cosplay for Friday will probs not happen so I won’t even say what it is/was)..I really want to cosplay Haikyuu!! but no time.

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I would have thought there would be more gifs of Kags smiling

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Haikyuu!! 30 day challengeDay 7: Your favorite uniform?

↳ Karasuno’s jersey.

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